Date : 18-04-2024
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I.M.A. K.S.S.S.

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Old Existing Scheme
Total Members : 2823

New Silver Jubilee Scheme
Total Members : 2588

Recent Death Claim Amount Paid - Old Existing Scheme
Rs. 19,25,000

Recent Death Claim Amount Paid - New Silver Jubliee Scheme
Rs. 60,95,000

Death Claim Amount Paid List

Old Existing Scheme DFC List
D.F.C. Notice No.:13
D.F.C. Notice No.:12
D.F.C. Notice No.:11

New Silver Jubilee Scheme DFC List
D.F.C. Notice No.:8
D.F.C. Notice No.:7
D.F.C. Notice No.:6

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Death Fraternity Benefit to their bereaved families on the event of death of the members around Rs 35 Lakhs and even more or less depending upon the numbers enrolled.

  2. Group Accidental Benefit to the member around Rs 10 Lakhs.

                 Group Accidental Benefit such as

    1. Death Benefits 100%.

    2. Permanent total disability benefit 100 to 125%.

    3. Permanent total disability benefit.

    4. Temporary total disability benefit.

    5. Medical expenses arising out of accidents up to 10% (Rs 1 Lakh) per year.

      All the above benefits are accordong to insruance company policy and terms and conditions apply.


  1. Kindly note member ship contribution fees and group accident benefit fees are one time payments and the person below 30 years contributes Rs 50 per annum for life timewhich is very meager.

  2. Very economic investment compared to any Life term insurance and General Insurance plan.


  4. Existing scheme members who wish to join the ( NEW ) Silver Jubilee Scheme have to become fresh members by applying and paying the fees as per tariff as mentioned in the web IMA KSSS organization.

  5. Death fraternity contribution Rs 2500/- per death in that financial year.


DD/At Par Cheque should be sent in the name of "IMA KSSS SILVER JUBILEE"

GroupSilver Jubilee Seheme Age in Years Subscription FeesRegistration FeesMembership Contribution FeesGroup Accident Benifit FeesAdvance Fraternity ContributionTotal Amount
1Below 30 years200500850015001000020700
2Between 31 t0 35 years2005001000020001000022700
3Between 36 to 40 years2005001150025001000024700
4Between 41 to 45 years2005001800030001000031700
5Between 46 to 50 years2005002350045001000038700
6Between 51 to 55 years2005003100055001000047200
7Between 56 to 60 years2005004050065001000057700

 Old Existing IMA KSSS Scheme Fees Structure Effective From 01.04.2016

DD/At Par Cheque should be sent in the name of "IMA KSSS"

GroupScheme Age in Years Subscription FeesRegistration FeesMembership Contribution FeesAdvance Fraternity ContributionTotal Amount
1Below 30 years20050010001600017700
2Between 31 t0 35 years20050015001600018200
3Between 36 to 40 years20050020001600018700
4Between 41 to 45 years200500120001600028700
5Between 46 to 50 years200500150001600031700
6Between 51 to 55 years200500200001600036700
7Between 56 to 60 years200500280001600044700
  1. IMA Life Membership Certificate. ( Xerox )

  2. Age Proof ( Birth Certificate, Pan Card, Passport, Aadhar Card).

  3. Passport Size 3 photos.

  4. Address Proof ( Voters ID card, Driving Licence, Passport or Aadhar Card ).

  5. PAN CARD.

KINDLY NOTE ( Updated on 10-09-2020 )

  1. The IMA KSSS Scheme is subject matter of solicitation.

  2. Subject to the revision as per the prevailing market condition and subject of statuter levies.

  3. Fraternity contribution fees of the existing scheme is enhanced from 01-04-2014.  i.e., Rs. 1000/- per death.

  4. One can get 17 + 35 = 52 lakhs by joining both the scheme.

  5. The rules and regulations will be updated as per the ammendments.

  6. The Decision of the Management Committee of IMA KSSS is final.

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