Date : 21-05-2024
Welcome to IMA's Karnataka Social Security Scheme
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I.M.A. K.S.S.S.

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Old Existing Scheme
Total Members : 2835

New Silver Jubilee Scheme
Total Members : 2610

Recent Death Claim Amount Paid - Old Existing Scheme
Rs. 19,25,000

Recent Death Claim Amount Paid - New Silver Jubliee Scheme
Rs. 60,95,000

Death Claim Amount Paid List

Old Existing Scheme DFC List
D.F.C. Notice No.:13
D.F.C. Notice No.:12
D.F.C. Notice No.:11

New Silver Jubilee Scheme DFC List
D.F.C. Notice No.:8
D.F.C. Notice No.:7
D.F.C. Notice No.:6

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is IMA Karnataka Social Security Scheme is registered body?
    Ans-Yes, registered under Karnataka Societies Act 1960. Reg no-47/91-92.

  2. What is the main objective?
    Ans-To promote Scocial, moral, medical, cultural educational & & financial help to the members & & to their famillies in the event of unforseen circumstances.

  3. Where is the office location & communication details?
    Ans- IMA House Bailappanavar Nagar, Hubballi-580029. Ph-0836-2355656,
    Email: imakssshbl@gmail.com   ||   website: www.imakssshubli.org

  4. To whom to address the correspondances?
    Ans- To the Secretary IMA KSSS Hubballi-29.

  5. What is the timing of office hrs?
    Ans-Between 10-30 to 5 PM on working days except Sunday & Govt Holidays.

  6. What is the age of eligibility in IMA KSSS Old Existing scheme?
    Ans- Below the age of 30 Years and up to 60 Years.

  7. What is the use of eligibility in IMA KSSS Silver Jubilee scheme?
    Ans- Below the age of 30 Years and up to 60 Years.

  8. How to get the admission forms & other details?
    Ans- Through office OR log on to the website, & download the forms.

  9. What are the necessary important documents to be attached with the application?
  10. Ans-
    1. According to the age, fees to be credited by the Multicity Cheque payable at par Or DD payable at Hubli, as per the schemes choosen, & published in website.
    2. IMA LIFE membership certificate.
    3. Age proof, SSLC marks card/passport
    4. Residence proof, Voters ID/Aadhar card
    5. Photo affixed on application & 2 spare photes enclosed along with application.
    6. Nominees photo with signature. If nominee is minor, the signature & address of the gaurdian.
    7. Dully filled application with endorsement of President Or Secretary of the Local IMA Branch.

  11. When he becomes the full pledged member?
    Ans- Date mentioned in the KSSS certificate.

  12. Is it a one time payment?
    Ans- Membership contribution fees, Group accidental benefit fees, registration fees are one time payments and subject to revision as per the market prevailing conditions, & subject to statutory levies.

  13. What are the yearly payments?
    1. Annual Subscription fees
    2. Death fraternity contribution. (D.F.C.)

  14. What is the death fraternity contribution?
    Ans- Amount contributed by existing members on the register, towards the bereaved/diseased family members as per the number of deaths happening.

  15. What is the yearly death fraternity contribution?
    Ans- Rs, 1000/- and Rs,2500/- (per death) from each member from the Old existing scheme and New silver jubliee scheme respectively.

  16. How much the member has to contribute for the Death Fraternity Contribution every year?
    Ans- Usually Advance fraternity for 8 deaths is called for & if necessary when more deaths occur, accordingly member has to pay more contributions.

  17. Is it necessary to pay the DFC in advance?
    Ans- Yes, It is mandatory.

  18. Why the DFC is collected in advance?
    1. To pay the Death fraternity contribution to the bereaved family in time
    2. DFC is to be given from Fraternity contribution fund only.
    3. Corpus fund cannot be utilised for this purpose.

  19. How is the Death claim benefit calculated?
    Ans-100% of the Fraternity amount( X )number of active members on roll on the day before death of the member and as per Bye-Laws of IMA KSSS.

  20. What is a corpus fund?
    Ans- Membership Contributions fees + Group Accident benefit fees, all together form the corpus fund.

  21. Who is active member?
    Ans- Active member means, who has no dues towards the scheme in his/her account.

  22. Who is defaulter?
    Ans- Defaulter means, the member who has not paid any type of dues towards the scheme in time.

  23. When the member is liable for termination?
    1. Member is supposed to pay Annual subscription fees, DFC, advance fraternity contribution,within the 15th of May after the demand made by the office on or before 1st April of every year.
    2. Even if he/she fails to pay the dues within 30 days after serving with the notice by Regd AD,which is served on 15th June of every year the membership become default .
    3. Such Default member is given further chance to regularise his membership by paying penalty of Rs 500/- and as decided by Managing committee,along with DFC amount till 31st December of that year. After that if not paid member will be terminated without further intimation.

  24. Why is the lock in period?
    Ans- 2 years from the date of admission of the member is the lock in period. During this period he is not entitled for any benefits.

  25. What is the definition of accident?
    1. Sudden unintended and fortuious external and visible event causing
    2. Physical bodilly harm OR injury but not any mental sickness, diseases OR illnesses.

  26. What is the procedure to be followed when the member expires ?
    1. Death claim form in prescribed proforma is to be submitted dully filled with recommendation of Local IMA Branch.
    2. Death claim form can be down-loaded from the website.

  27. Whether one can join both the schemes simultaneously?
    Ans- Yes, Member can join by applying in seperate applications, and paying fees as per the tarrif.
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